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The Move Shop is a new kind of Real Estate Agent. We are friendly, helpful, professional and customer focussed. We will spend time with you to gather as much information as possible about your particular needs. Everyone has a unique set of requirements and our aim is to work as a hard as possible to realise your expectations.

The move shop will keep you informed at all times. We are available daytime, evenings and week-ends - we don’t close at 5pm!

By communicating intelligently with both our clients and with all the other players in the process, we will be best placed to ensure that your sale or purchase is quick, efficient and stress-free. The Move Shop can promise a high quality, honest and bespoke service, catering to the unique requirements of each client delivering information, intelligence and integrity.

Home Information Packs

The new home information packs (HIP) is being introduced next year in June 2007. The main object of the HIP is to speed up the buying/selling process and to make the seller responsible for preparing all the required information necessary to complete the sale of the property. The HIP will include:

A sales statement

Information about fixtures and fittings

Local searches

Evidence of Title (copies of Deeds, etc)

Home Condition Report

Warranties and guarantees

The Government has not identified a price at this time for HIPs, but estimates are in the region of £600-£700. Further information can be found from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister via the following link: www.odpm.gov.uk/homeinformationpacks

Selling Tips

It is a feature of the Move Shop service to offer our clients assistance and advice on how to prepare their property to ensure that any prospective buyer views the premises at its very best. A small amount of preparation can make a huge difference to the first impression the client viewing the property experiences during their visit. Our skilled sales people will maximise the opportunity to demonstrate how best the property can match the requirements set down by the person viewing the premises. A viewing will often only take a few minutes and it is therefore essential that key the features in your home are seen at their best. These items may include:

The front garden, front door and windows are tidy

The house is as clear of cutter and excess furniture as possible

The property has a fresh and clean atmosphere and the temperature is well regulated.

The kitchen needs to be clean and tidy.

Keep the rear garden neat and tidy and clear out the garage.

“You only get one chance to make a first impression!”

Welcome Note

The Move Shop delivers a service like no other estate agent. We can sell your property and find you a new one. We can organise your Home Information Pack. We will help you to get the right mortgage. We can supply a conveyancing service. We will even pack and move you. All this under one roof and with special discounts applied to the service pack you purchase. The Move Shop is a true one-stop moving company. If you are looking for a personal service from a company that puts the customer first, call The Move Shop.